Servicing Our Community


Our Mission....

Community Building To Help Humanity

Help Break Down Barriers between people; ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic. On a large scale, we believe that human beings are all the same, one human tribe, and the only way we are going to rise to the tremendous challenges of our time as a species is to set aside an “us and them” mentality and act together as one. Our organization strives to act as a vessel, exploiting table tennis’s amazing ability to integrate people. An unusually diverse set of people play the sport and when you are on the table, it’s the ultimate equalizer.

Combat Gentrification- Journal Square is becoming flooded with luxury high-rises. People who live in the area have very little infrastructure in which to turn for positive and healthy activities, especially at night and for youth. We want our club to be part of a fabric of support for people who need it the most in the neighborhood.

Create a Space where people can meet and develop meaningful, lasting relationships with each other.

Promote Individual Growth

Table Tennis in leisure is an excellent social activity, it’s super fun, and brings together and integrates a diverse group of people. Taken more seriously as an athletic pursuit, table tennis is a powerful tool for promoting personal growth. Hot Shots mission is to provide the space and conditions, coaching, and community necessary to foster personal growth in people. We wish to provide a space and activity for people to developed patience, self acceptance, an improved self esteem, ability to focus and relax upon demand, improved social life. Table Tennis is a microcosm of life and a wonderful teacher for those who are in need. More fundamentally table tennis is super healthy, great cardio, good for the brain.


  • Open Play For Adults and Children
  • Professional coaching
  • League Play through USATT
  • USATT sanctioned tournaments